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Have you ever had a treatment at a spa and thought to yourself, “I wish I could have a little more”?  Well now you can!  These can be added to any facial, massage or body treatment.
Treatments are for Therapeutic and Wellness Purposes Only.
Gua Sha Release for TMJ

Issues of TMJ syndrome (jaw tenderness, headaches, facial pain, earaches, difficulty opening and closing the mouth) are addressed by performing Gua Sha and traditional massage to tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, face, jaw and scalp.  

30 Minutes  |  $50

Indulgent Foot or Hand Treatment

Indulge in a light exfoliation, followed by a deeply nourishing and moisturizing treatment, that is made of 100% natural plant-based emollients and essential oils, that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed.


15 Minutes  |  $15

Sedating Neck and Scalp Massage

This treatment utilizes gentle craniosacral and deep tissue massage techniques to relieve tension headaches and neck issues.


30 Minutes  |  $50

Deeply Nourishing Scalp Treatment

A luxurious scalp massage and conditioning treatment for the hair using warm oils to calm and relax the body while nourishing and balancing dry/oily scalp and hair.

15 Minutes  |  $25

Therapeutic Foot and Calf Massage

This relaxing treatment focuses solely on tired and overworked feet. Begin this service with a dual-action magnesium salt scrub that polishes skin and melts into a magnesium rich cream to help increase blood flow and circulation, relieve tight, sore and cramped muscles, followed by a targeted massage to your calves and feet. 


30 Minutes  |  $50

Eye Survive

Late night, long days, early starts, screen gazing, all signs of a well-lived life, no wonder your delicate  eye area needs some attention.  A gentle exfoliation, followed by a soothing mask, and relaxing Gua Sha massage leave your eyes hydrated, brightened and youthful.

20 Minutes  |  $25