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Facial Rituals

My approach is to nurture your body and mind to leave you with vibrant, radiant skin and a light spirit.  Our skin is our largest organ. It protects us from the external world and has a remarkable ability to heal itself.  My goal is to enable it to do so by being very selective about what I use in my treatment rituals.  Synthetic ingredients like parabens, artificial fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and GMOs have no place in the long-term health of our skin. 

I tailor each treatment especially for you, with 100% whole plant, organic skincare by Laurel Skin made with meticulously chosen plants from small artisan farmers to yield the most potent and effective products for your skin for healthy long-term use.

Treatments are for Therapeutic and Wellness Purposes Only.
Restoration Ritual

Restore balance and radiance to your skin with this luxury organic, whole plant facial, crafted lovingly and specifically for you.  Beginning with a warm herbal-infused compress to prepare the skin. This treatment incorporates a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions (upon request), mask treatment, and ends with lymph drainage to bring your skin back to balance.  A hand, foot, neck, and shoulder massage completes this relaxing experience.

75 Minutes    |  $105

105 Minutes  |  $150 Includes a Double Mask and Gua Sha


Add a Warm, Herbal-Infused Foot Bath  |  $25

Heirloom Rose Ritual

Delicate rose petals firm and tighten the skin, and provide optimal hydration and protection.

Beginning with a hydrating cleanse featuring a rare White Rose Oil, followed by an exfoliating and nourishing treatment with California grown Heirloom Rose Petals, and completing with a hydration and a moisture boost from a triple-Rose infusion, to obtain every phytonutrient this potent flower has to offer.  This organic, whole plant facial is a luxurious treatment for Rose lovers looking to age vibrantly.  Roses contain all the major nutritional players needed to deeply restore skin health, repair barrier function, and strengthen connective tissue.

75 Minutes  |  $105

105 Minutes  |  $150 Includes a Double Mask and Gua Sha

Add a Warm, Rose-Infused Foot Bath  |  $25

Complete Renewal Ritual

The Complete Renewal takes the Restoration Ritual one step further with a stress relieving back massage. A warm herbal-infused compress prepares the skin for this organic, whole plant facial, including gentle lymph stimulation and a massage to your scalp, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet. This treatment gives you a healthy radiant glow and carries you away to a place of absolute, blissful relaxation.

120 Minutes  |  $200

Add a Warm, Herbal-Infused Foot Bath  |  $25

This deeply relaxing, therapeutic ancient ritual relieves underlying facial tension, and helps restore a healthy glow to your skin.  Facial Gua Sha, pronounced 'gwah shah,' is known for its unique ability to improve circulation under the skin, and improve skin texture by relaxing underlying muscle tissue. A flat Bian stone is used to massage the skin to increase lymph flow, reduce puffiness, lift, sculpt and firm the skin.  This gentle movement is a divinely relaxing alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures restoring a natural lift and glow  to your skin.

Bian stone is an amalgamate of 40+ minerals associated with healing properties. It is said to emit ultrasound pulsations, far infrared rays, and negative ions — all known for their healing and anti-aging properties.  

Gua Sha Monthly Attunement Ritual

Your experience opens with a warm herbal-infused compress to prepare the skin, double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, connective tissue massage and release, and facial Gua Sha massage and mask treatment. This is recommended for those who want to address concerns such as aging skin, acne, and pore congestion not only at a superficial level, but by supporting healthy function and healing deep within the skin. 

120 Minutes  |  $200

A series of 6 Monthly Attunement Treatments is recommended for best results.  The series includes a Product starter Kit, two Gua Sha Stones, and an At-Home Gua Sha Lesson.

Inclusive Package  |  $1,350

Gua Sha Lift Ritual

The Gua Sha Lift is a shortened version of the Monthly Attunement.  Begin with a warm herbal-infused compress to prepare the skin, double cleanse, tissue-transforming facial massage and Gua Sha, mindfully tailored to your skin, and winds down with a personalized mask.  This is recommended for those who want to rejuvenate and illuminate their skin before a special event, and for those who simply need a moment away from their life to be nourished, relaxed, and restored to a natural glow.

75 minutes  |  $130

Gua Sha
Natural Facelift Ritual

The Natural Facelift is a gentle, yet effective, non-invasive massage technique to release facial stress and tension, improve facial contours, soften lines, reduce puffiness, and greater circulation resulting in looking younger and feeling rejuvenated.  This treatment incorporates a double cleanse, facelift massage, and mask treatment. Since results are cumulative, it is recommended to receive a series of six treatments once per week. Maintenance treatments should be scheduled as appropriate.  

90 Minutes  |  $150  

Purchasing a series of 6 is recommended as results are cumulative. 

Series of 6  |  $800