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Oncology Rituals

Oncology specific massage and facials are the adaptation of massage techniques to safely nurture the body of someone affected by cancer: those in active treatment, those in recovery or survivorship, and individuals at the end of life.  Each session is planned around what YOU are experiencing and what YOUR needs are on the day of your treatment.*
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Oncology Support Massage
60/90 Minutes | $115/$150

I am specifically trained in oncology massage to provide safe and effective massage for anyone who is newly diagnosed, in treatment, or in remission.  These sessions, which focus on comfort and relaxation, can help get you through the stress of cancer treatment as well as provide relief from the many and varied side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as fatigue, nausea, neuropathy, insomnia, muscle aches, and more.

Oncology Restoration Facial
60/90 Minutes | $115/$150

In this treatment, the gentlest of plants like Jojoba, Chia Seed, Raw Honey, and Calendula come together to focus on soothing and hydrating the skin, while simultaneously calming the nervous system.  This facial is ideal for those in cancer remission and recovery, those with heightened auto-immune activity, and for those who have a long list of allergens, including nuts while still developing their relationship with plants.

Treatment Enhancements

Pair one or more of the enhancements with your oncology ritual to increase your state of relaxation.  May only booked with a full service ritual.  

Pay it Forward

Give the gift of an oncology massage or a facial to someone in need!  Please contact me at 434.989.4736 to add to the fund to brighten someone's day!

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Massage Adaptations are Necessary for:
  • Low blood cell counts and blood clots

  • Bone metastases

  • Radiation and surgery

  • Fatigue

  • Bone pain

  • Lymph Node Removal and lymphedema

  • Peripheral neuropathy

  • Medications

  • Medical devices such as ports

  • Late effects of treatment

*Please note that oncology massage does not try to treat cancer, and unlike many massage modalities is not a series of massage techniques. It is the ability of the therapist to recognize and safely work within clinically established guidelines of each client.  Some of the benefits of oncology massage are: reduced pain and fatigue, decreased anxiety, lessened nausea, improved sleep, decreased sense of isolation, and increased feelings of well being.

My Credentials

I am a recognized as a preferred practitioner under the Professional Member of Society of Oncology Massage to perform oncology massage.

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