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Mother, Wife, Small Business Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Esthetician

About Katherine Alamilla

Holistic skincare has been a lifelong passion of mine and it is with great joy that I have integrated this practice into my work in restoring radiance and health to my clients’ skin.  As a child, I was drawn to making natural concoctions in my mother’s kitchen, but when the time came to grow up, I headed to the corridors of New York’s financial district to make my mark as an investment banker. After long, stressful days at the office, I found comfort in the simple act of returning to my kitchen and creating my own skincare products. After the birth of my first child, I was forced to reckon with how unsatisfying my career path was, and I decided to pursue my lifelong passion in esthetics.  After years of working at high-end spas, it has been a fulfillment of a lifelong dream to open Simply Skin, where I can practice my healing craft and deliver the most authentic, holistic experience to all of my clients.   

My intention is that you will be restored and renewed by the soothing nurture and lovingness I emit into my treatments, that you will shift your perspective and fully enjoy self care.  And it is my hope that in this peaceful space we nurture your unique journey and enhance your personal well being by providing you with relaxation and stress relief while we develop a trusting relationship. 

My passion of creating potions in my kitchen extends into my practice as the body oils and balms I use for holistic treatments I create using organic oils and medicinal plants in a beautiful infusion.  The ingredients I use are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and GMOs.  To this end, I have partnered with Laurel Skin to bring 100% whole plant, organic skincare (made with meticulously chosen, high-potency plants from artisan farmers) to use during facial treatments.  And I am beyond excited to share their deliciousness with you!

When I am not in my studio serving clients and not in my kitchen making healing potions, I am the mother to five amazing children ranging from 7 to 20 years old and the wife to a wonderful man of twenty-five years!

My Credentials

I began my career as an esthetician in 2004 and a year later I graduated from massage school.  I am certified in natural methods and techniques for skin health and rejuvenation, including: Vodder Lymphatic Drainage for Face and Neck, Kundan Metha Facial Rejuvenation, Advanced Techniques in Facial Gua Sha, Facial Reflexology and LaStone Therapy.  

I have also furthered my education as a massage therapist in my study of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal Massage, and Sacred Stone Massage, and I am constantly searching for techniques to study and add to my practice.


During the pandemic I had the benefit of participating in a Clinical Herbalism course taught by Kat Maier from Sacred Plant Traditions and I am excited to incorporate some of what I have learned during that time in my sessions and continuing my education.

I strive to utilize my knowledge and expertise to help my clients achieve results and improve their overall well-being.  I believe that regular self care including facial and massage, combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and nervous system reset is essential to be the best of oneself every day. I look forward to helping you attain your skin and body care goals. 

Thank you for granting me the privilege of caring for you at Simply Skin! 

With love,


Photo by Laurel Skin

"We will shine like gemstones in a crown catching all the color of the sun."

~Zechariah 9:16

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