The Eye Serum from Laurel Skin is a light regenerative moisturizer, formulated specifically to support the health of the delicate skin around our eyes. Potent, raw, whole plants are blended with great care to reduce inflammation, stagnation and puffiness around the eyes.


These vibrant botanicals strengthen connective tissue, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. This firming and soothing blend is abundant with antioxidants and nourishing phytonutrients.


The primary difference between our Eye Serum and Eye Balm is in the texture: the Eye Serum is slightly lighter, and is sometimes preferred for morning use to depuff around the eye and prep for makeup use.


Photograpahy Credit: Laurel Skin

Laurel Skin Eye Serum

  • – All Skin Types

    – 100% Whole Plant Organic

    – 22 Beneficial Active Ingredients

    – 10ml