Complete any outfit with a handcrafted jewelry piece made by local women of Uganda. The colors are stunning complementing any skin tone and hair color. A bracelet can pair nicely with nearly any outfit and can also make for a nice birthday present or holiday gift.

Iris and Lottie Bracelets:
Not Vegan, made from Ankole Cow Horn. However the horns are only harvested after the animal is used for meat, so no part of the cow is wasted. Horns are not harvested from live animals, they are used to eliminate waste and they are beautiful in color and shine.

Lottie Bracelet:
This bracelet comes in two different sizes: small (might fit children) and regular.


Drop off available within the Charlottesville area, please Add a note with the  details if you would like to use this option (and include your email in case we need to reach you).

Uganda Horn Bracelets