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The Spiritual Warrior from Laurel Skin is a subtle fragrance or anointing oil; a combination of aromatic plant oils and gemstone essences.


The special blend combines fragrances from Frangipani enfleurage from the Amazon, ethically sourced Palo Santo and Sandalwood, and house-made gem essences of Celestine, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst.


If you are looking for some extra support or a bit of an uplifting boost, the Anointing Oil captures the energies of the plants and gems that are some of our greatest allies and allows them to support you on your spiritual path. The gentle scent of this product is meant to be a reminder to be present and that they are with you.


Plant and earthly energies are always swirling all around you, engulfing you in love and support, and bringing you gifts in abundance just waiting for you to accept them.


Photograpahy Credit: Laurel Skin, @trinetteandchris

Laurel Skin Anointing Oil

  • – All Skin Types

    – 100% Whole Plant Organic

    – 10ml

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