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Our Night Balm is a waterless, rich and concentrated moisturizer that sinks deeply into the skin, repairing free radical damage and restoring vibrancy.


Potent, raw, unrefined botanicals were selected to regenerate the skin, supporting all aspects of aging radiantly. Its phytonutrient profile is specific to brightening and evening skin tone, along with strengthening and building connective tissue for firm and supple skin.


Dense nutrients and antioxidants found in our whole plants provide every necessary building block for optimal overnight skin repair. The Night Balm is just slightly richer in moisturizing and soothing lipids than our lighter Day Balm, with a focus on deeply restoring radiant skin health.


Photograpahy Credit: Laurel Skin

Laurel Skin Night Balm

  • – Normal / Dry

    – 100% Whole Plant Organic

    – 26 Beneficial Active Ingredients

    – 30ml

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