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Couples Massage

On-Site Spa Services

Simply Skin brings luxury spa services directly to your home, apartment, or even office space.  Self-care has never been this safe or easy.  We serve clients in the Charlottesville, and surrounding areas, however, certain mileage limitations apply.  To schedule a relaxing at-home, or in-office massage, facial or body treatment, for just you, with your special someone, or for a group, please call 434.989.4736.  Services listed below are just some of the services available for travel, inquire within.   
Treatments are for Therapeutic and Wellness Purposes Only.
The Essential Massage

The Essential combines a variety of massage techniques to relieve stress and tension, release toxins, improve skin and muscle tone, increase circulation, and induce relaxation.

    60 Minutes  |  starting at $160*  

    90 Minutes  |  starting at $190*  

CBD Enhancement $20

*varies by location, but $200 minimum

Deep Tissue Massage

Created for athletes, but also for stress relief, The Deep Tissue utilizes medium to firm pressure and is a more focused and intense form of massage that is designed to release chronic patterns of tension in the muscles, tendons and joints through slow strokes and trigger point pressure on contracted areas using the best of Nature’s Pharmacy - Arnica, St. Johnswort, Solomon's Seals, or Magnesium Oils just to name a few.

  60 Minutes  |  starting at $170*

  90 Minutes  |  starting at $200*

CBD Enhancement $20

*varies by location, but $200 minimum

Hot Stone Massage

Enter a deeply meditative state as your entire body is massaged with river stones which are oiled and heated to a luxurious warmth.  This wonderfully, warming treatment promotes deep relaxation, increased circulation and relief of muscular tension, stress and fatigue totally unique to hot stone massage.  This all-encompassing treatment is an experience you just have to have at least once in your life.  Simply heavenly!

    90 Minutes  |  starting at $200*  

120 Minutes  |  starting at $250*

*varies by location

Restoration Ritual

Restore balance and radiance to your skin with this luxury organic, whole plant facial, crafted lovingly and specifically for you.  Beginning with a warm herbal-infused compress to prepare the skin. This treatment incorporates a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extractions (upon request), mask treatment, and cold pressed oil serums.  May include facial massage, lymph drainage techniques, Gua Sha, and Facial Reflexology to bring your skin back to balance.  A hand, foot, neck, and shoulder massage complete this relaxing experience.

75 Minutes   |  starting at $185*

90 Minutes   |  starting at $200*

 105 Minutes   |  starting at $220*   

*varies by location, but $200 minimum

This deeply relaxing, therapeutic ancient ritual relieves underlying facial tension, and helps restore a healthy glow to your skin.  Facial Gua Sha, pronounced 'gwah shah,' is known for its unique ability to improve circulation under the skin, and improve skin texture by relaxing underlying muscle tissue. A natural semi-precious stone is used to massage the skin to increase lymph flow, reduce puffiness, lift, sculpt and firm the skin.  This gentle movement is a divinely relaxing alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures restoring a natural lift and glow  to your skin.

Monthly Facial Attunement Ritual

Our skin reveals the state of our vitality, organ health and emotional state.  This ritual is less about the application of products and more about technique including Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha for clearing, fascia release and or lift, facial massage,  lymph drainage and accupressure massage.  This is recommended for those who want to address concerns such as healthy aging skin, acne, and pore congestion not only at a superficial level, but by supporting healthy function and healing deep within the skin. 

120 Minutes  |  starting at $260*

*varies by location

Facial Attunement Follow Up

Maintain and enhance your results with bi-monthly or weekly follow up visits, to rejuvenate and illuminate your skin before a special event, or for those who simply need a moment away from their busy life to be nourished, relaxed, and restored to a natural glow.

75 minutes  |  starting at $190*

*varies by location, but $200 minimum

Natural Facelift Ritual

Gua Sha

The Natural Facelift is a gentle, yet effective, non-invasive massage technique to release facial stress and tension, improve facial contours, soften lines, reduce puffiness, and greater circulation resulting in looking younger and feeling rejuvenated.  This treatment incorporates a double cleanse, facelift massage, and mask treatment. Since results are cumulative, it is recommended to receive a series of six treatments once per week. Maintenance treatments should be scheduled as appropriate.  

90 Minutes  |  $220  

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